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Wind up in wind trouble? 

See the below write-up on proper set up procedure and some tips!

Wind Spinner Setup Procedure:

Grab, with your index and thumb, the innermost ‘layer’ of the windspinner. 

Holding the cutout section and using your other hand, pinch and squeeze one of the holes and twist the 'innermost' ring/section, spiraling all layers out evenly.

Finish it off by further turning each layer, one at a time, bending the metal to ensure it remains.

The idea is to fan the wind spinner to between 35 & 45 degrees angle. 

Tip: Experiment with how opened vs. how closed you have your spinner to find the optimal spin for your location and design! For instance designs like the hummingbird, with more space in the center, should be at 35, while 45 is appropriate for ‘The mandala’.

Big Tip: Crystal and Spiral Tail anchors not only look cool, they function as a stabilizer on the windspinner and prevent it from swaying in strong winds. They also provide a lower center of gravity for increased spin.    

We recommend purchasing one of our metal spiral and crystal wind anchors for all sizes and designs. 

 TIp: a drop of household oil will keep the swivel on your hook functional longer.  


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