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Wind up in wind trouble? 

See the below write-up on proper set up procedure and some tips!

Wind Spinner Setup Procedure:

Hold spinner sideways.

Ensure each layer of metal are slightly ‘loose’ from each other by fanning each side as if shuffling a deck of cards. This ensures they fan out easily during the opening process and is only necessary if spinner has not previously been cracked open  

Holding the innermost section with one hand, use other hand to pinch either of the holes on top and bottom and and twist the 'innermost' ring/section, spiraling all layers out evenly while creating an 80-100 degree rotation of the innermost rings. 

Do not over-rotate; it should not be very difficult to twist out the proper amount.


Designs that have cut-outs in center (like a hummingbird) should rotate around 75 degrees while solid-center designs like starbursts and suns should rotate 90-100 degrees.

Ensure leaves are evenly spaced 1.5-2” roughly and that you have your swivel attached. 

Make more open to handle heavier winds.

If spinner is swaying in wind more than spinning it is not open enough.

Wind anchors assist with spinning in light winds and stabilize in heavy winds and are recommended.


 drop of household oil will keep the swivel on your hook functional longer. 

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